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Today’s the day!!!

The first book in the Tattered Slippers Collection releases today!

Here’s what “The Dancing Princess” is about and links and everything:

Book Description: 

A Twist of Adventure #5 
Plagued by nightmares for the last few years, Katrine only wanted answers. Instead, she finds herself trapped in a tangled web of melody as she tries to free a cursed king and his brothers. No one deserves existence such as theirs, but dare she risk her very life? 

Purchace Link: 

Add Book on Goodreads:…/s…/50512612-the-dancing-princess 

Author Bio: 

Kendra E. Ardnek is the self-proclaimed Arista of Fairy Tales. She lives in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her dragon babies and massive herd of mini-giraffes, and she is still waiting for one of of her fifty nutcrackers to come to life and marry her. When not writing, you can usually find her sitting in a random box, and she’s frequently known to act before she thinks. 
Find her online at: Website || Blog || Goodreads || Facebook || Twitter || YouTube || Newsletter || Instagram || TikTok || Amazon 


And now it is time for what might very well become my favorite part of being a book blogger: Character interviews!

Very (very) late last night, I had a chance to sit down with Katrine, the main character of “The Dancing Princess.” We chatted about nightmares and her adventures:

ME: I hear that you had terrible nightmares. Can you tell us more?

KATRINE: They’re awful – pounding music that seeks to control my every move. It’s been seeping into my waking hours now, and I think I’ll go to distraction if they don’t end, soon. 

ME: As a contrast, what is the most pleasant dream you have had?

KATRINE: These nightmares have been happening for so long … I don’t even remember what pleasant dreams are like.

ME: Tell me a little about yourself. What are your interests? Your aspirations?

KATRINE: I like … I used to like music. Now I only wish to be free of it. I know it makes me sound dull and uninteresting … but I feel like it’s been eating me alive, and my only respite comes when I see the blue sky in the morning.

ME: Magic and melody seem to play an important part in your adventures! Does this frighten you?

KATRINE: If my dreams are anything to go on … yes. If that should enter my waking hours…

ME: Do you play a musical instrument?

KATRINE: No, and I have no inclination towards it. I … I don’t like music. All I can hear is the pounding melody of my dreams.

ME: Do you like dancing?

I used to. 

ME: And a random fun question. What’s your favorite dessert?

KATRINE: I am quite fond of chocolate delights. My nurse is frequently scolding me for eating more than I should, but they are so good. 


Phew! Sounds like poor Katrine has been through fascinating and terrible events. I’m really looking forward to reading more about them!


Note: Apologies if this post is a total mess! I’ve been neglecting my blog far too much of late.

Also, keep an eye out for more posts about the Tattered Slippers Collection! I’ll be profiling books all this week, and telling you more about the collection itself as soon as I can. And hopefully fixing my site… (totally not procrastinating or anything)


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