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Interview with C. M. Banschbach, Author of “Then Comes a Drifter”

I’m excited to feature a book I’ve been eagerly anticipating for a while now: “Then Comes a Drifter,” a YA post-apocalyptic fantasy. Set in a land inspired by the desert Southwest, including New Mexico where I live, which if I wasn’t already intrigued by the concept of this book would have me very hooked! What’sContinue reading “Interview with C. M. Banschbach, Author of “Then Comes a Drifter””

Author Interview with Allison Tebo, Author of “The Goblin and the Dancer”

Today, I’m thrilled to highlight the new release “The Goblin and the Dancer” in an interview with author Allison Tebo! This book is the latest release in the “A Villain’s Ever After” series of fairytale retellings from various amazing authors. The stories featured are really intriguing, this one not least! Allison Tebo chose the storyContinue reading “Author Interview with Allison Tebo, Author of “The Goblin and the Dancer””

The Queen’s Crown – Book 3 in the Crownkeeper Chronicles by Anne Wheeler: Release Celebration!

A foreign crown bent on conquest.
An escaped traitor out for vengeance.
A realm caught in the middle.
Sometimes it takes a queen to save a kingdom.

The epic conclusion to an acclaimed fantasy trilogy.

Guest Interview: C. E. Stone, author of “Starganauts”

In which I interview author C. E. Stone about her science fantasy novel “Starganauts,” and its epic journey to publication.

Guest Interview: Lauren H. Salisbury, Author of “Discernment”

An interview with author Lauren H. Salisbury about her new book “Discernment” – in which one of the characters drops in for a visit!