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Elvey’s Adventures: Mr. Donaldson

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Homespun Tabby

(Note: this section contains a death of a character. Also, I forgot to mention before that my writing tends to go towards sci-fi or fantasy, and you never know when it may come up)

The thunder rumbled overhead, causing the mugs on the shelf to rattle slightly. At the same time, there was a gentle knock at the back-porch door.

Terrance Elvey cocked an eye at the door, but soon returned his attention to the book on the table in front of him.

Another thunderclap. This time it did not rattle the mugs.

Another set of gentle knocking at the door. This time, Elvey looked up from the book, and after a moment stood, and went to the door, opening it.

The clouds were so heavy, and evening coming on, that the visitor on the porch – a boy of about 13 – was only a faint outline. Elvey…

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