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2019 Retrospective. And a Whole Lot of Flash Fiction!

2019 was quite the year!

I made many strides in my writing career, achieving many things I had only dreamed about. Now I’m actually, officially published! And I have a website! And a growing community of readers who are enthusiastic about my writing! (You guys are the awesomest part of all this, seriously.)

One thing I have discovered is the many delights of flash fiction. Not only is it a quick plunge into a storyworld, which is nice to read because it doesn’t take too much time or committment, and a fun, sometimes infuriating challenge to write. But it’s also a good way to explore an idea without expanding it to a whole novel or short story. This means I can create a brief snapshot of a world, delve into a quick character sketch – and sometimes get really weird and dark.

Havok Publishing has been an amazing platform to release many of these stories. I’ve loved working with their editors to polish my stories and sharpen my flash-fiction skills.

And guess what?

Their entire catalogue is free to read this weekend! (normally, they’re only available on the day they are published, or for a small subscription)

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Links follow, or you can just go to and search for Abigail Falanga!

“The Imposter”

A detective hunts down stolen documents, and a dangerous spy.

“The Harvester”

A multiple murder sends police on the track of a dangerous vigilante.

“Salvage and Reclamation”

Deep-space salvage is a hard business – and one ship provides unique challenges. This is one of my favorites – and was featured in the Havok Rebirth Season 1 Anthology!

“Museum Piece”

Two time agents go on an unauthorized mission, to change a personal bit of history.

“Unknown Neighbors Join Together”

In post-apocalyptic Japan, a team of men hunting supplies attracts a formless terror.

“Get a Job”

A non-disclosure agreement seems a strange requirement for a nannying job. At first, anyway…!

“The Knife”

Murder and violence seems to follow a newcomer to the marina. Another personal favorite! This one was so much fun to write.


Making time for a daily run turns troubling when she spots a chained-up dog.

“The Color of Thyme”

Kitchen-magic ought to be reliable, so a fairy investigates what might have gone wrong when her soufflé falls. A quiet but really fun mystery!


A job offer turns out to be more than a master hacker bargained for.


Fairy-godmother, check. Beautiful ballgown and perfect-fit slippers, check. Prince Charming…? Not so much.

“The Werewolf Next Door”

New neighbors are always a challenge – especially when they happen to be a werewolf.

“The Effigy”

Kristin’s weekend is thrown off when she receives a sample product from the strangest door-to-door salesman ever. (Welcome to the Twilight Zone…)

“Twelve Princesses of ‘Frisco”

Hired to find a wealthy businessman’s missing daughters, a detective stumbles on a deeper plot.

“Just Imagination”

Will you find humor, horror, or something else when you read this little tale…?

“The Invasion”

An elite force launches a desperate and essential mission in the most important invasion in history. Another personal favorite, which I wrote with my dad.

And that will catch you up!

That’s sixteen stories – hard to believe. SIXTEEN!! It truly has been an amazing year.

Please enjoy!


Published by abigailfalanga

Author of sci-fi, fantasy, and everything in between. Probably a fairy.

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