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The Dawn Carol

from my Instagram

Once upon a time, I had an idea for an epic and yet simple fantasy novel set partly at Christmastime…

It’s still there, not abandoned but set aside for a while as I work on other things. Someday, I’ll finish it.

One part of it, however, I did write.

And, as part of my series of Christmas readings for you, I’ll share (my very first shared poem! gulp)…

The Dawn Carol
Watchmen! – keep watch for light,
Watch on the walls of our land.
We long for days of lost sight,
Shadowed by death’s dark hand.
“Unto you that fear my name
Shall the Sun of righteousness arise.”
Unsought, the answer to prophecy came –
As a babe in a manger cries.
Rejoice with great joy! Glory be to God!
He has come to us – we are not alone.
Run and tell! The Creator walks our lot;
Relit the dawn and remade us His own!
Darkness! – flee the coming light!
From the heights of the heavens
Eternity incarnate takes flight;                              
For unto us a Son is given!
No longer oppressed by curse and fear;
Even to death, hope will in us dwell.
Through every fire He will be near:
God with us – Emmanuel.
Watchmen! – see the horizon clear.
Light dawns from beyond black sin!
Wisdom, Power, Glory draw near,
To banish the darkness of men.
“To God in the highest all glory be!”
Lift up your voices and sing!
“For now the light of peace we see
Rise with healing in His wings!”


Published by abigailfalanga

Author of sci-fi, fantasy, and everything in between. Probably a fairy.

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